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Want to plan an event? Let us know about it by registering your event below to add it to our events calendar! After your event, mail the funds to:

St. Vincent Foundation
Attn: Ashley Craig
8402 Harcourt Rd, Ste 210
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Not sure what kind of event to plan? Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

  • Auction: Hold a silent or live auction with the proceeds to benefit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.
  • Bake Sale: Grab some friends and bake for a cause! Host a bake sale to benefit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.
  • Canning: Schedule students, co-workers or friends to collect money at sporting events, high traffic places, or community events. Special Peyton Manning Children's Hospital buckets can be supplied for your canning event.
  • Carnival: Organize a carnival and collect a donation at the door.
  • Car Wash: Plan a car wash and collect donations for providing a sparkling, clean car.
  • Door Decoration Contest: This one can be used at schools or offices! Decorate your doors and have participants vote on their favorite door by making donations. The door with the highest total wins a prize!
  • Dress Casual/Spirit/Hat Days: Great for schools or at work! Select a day in which students or employees can wear jeans, special t-shirts, spirit wear, or hats if they make a donation.
  • Garage Sale: Ask your friends and neighbors, co-workers or friends to participate by donating items for sale. Post signs indicating that funds from the sale will be donated to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. Collect extra donations as people pay for their items.
  • Movie Night: Host a movie night! Charge an admission fee, and to raise more funds sell popcorn and other snacks. Let participants know the money raised will go to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.
  • Penny Wars: Select a designated period and provide Peyton Manning Children's Hospital buckets to participating classrooms or departments. Provide a prize to the classroom or department that collects the most change.
  • Read-a-Thon: Read for a cause! Host a read-a-thon and have children get donations from friends and family for the amount of time they read. Have a prize for the child that reads the most minutes and collects the most donations.

For questions or immediate assistance, please contact Ashley Craig at or 317-338-5095

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