Volunteer Opportunities at Ascension St. Vincent

There is no gift more generous, more touching or more appreciated than the gift of your time.  If you have a desire to do meaningful work, and make a few new friends in the process, consider volunteering at Ascension St. Vincent Hospitals.

To apply for volunteer opportunities within the hospital, please click here.

What You Can Do To Help
- Deliver flowers, mail or magazines
- Provide office assistance
- Greet and escort visitors and patients
- Assist in special projects

What We'll Need From You
- A positive attitude
- Personal integrity
- Weekly time commitment
- Punctuality and reliability
- A desire to grow and learn - and most importantly, help

What You'll Need To Do
- Sign a confidentiality statement
- Obtain parental consent if you are under 18
- Have a blood screening (we provide at no charge) 
- Consent to a criminal background check
- Attend a training session

What We Can Offer You
- Meal voucher per four hour volunteer shift
- A sense of satisfaction
- Gain career related experience
- Meet other people like you having fun helping others
- Volunteer special events



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