The Greatest Gift is Gratitude

At Ascension St. Vincent and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, we believe that the greatest gift is gratitude. If you or a loved one has been touched by our exceptional care or experienced a positive impact from our dedicated doctors, nurses or associates, we want to hear from you. Your expressions of thanks are not only appreciated but play a vital role in the healing process.

We understand that saying "thank you" is important, and we've created opportunities for you to express your gratitude in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. By sharing your stories and personal perspectives on the care you've received and its lasting impact, you can make a difference with your care team members and inspire others to do the same.

The Ascension St. Vincent Foundation manages philanthropic giving for the hospital, allowing patients, families, and those connected to us to give back in a way that supports our non-revenue generating programs and services. There are various ways to donate, and our Foundation team is here to guide you through the options so that you can contribute to the programs and services that hold a special place in your heart. 

Click on the video below to learn about Misty and Chase Monson, grateful patients who were saved through the quality and compassionate care they both received at Ascension St. Vincent and Peyton Manning Children's Hospital. 



Using the form here or clicking the button below, you can share your gratitude for a physician, nurse, department or any individual in the Ascension St. Vincent community that made an impression during your stay. As a result of this recognition, the associate or department will be informed of your gratitude. 

The work that is done every day at Ascension St. Vincent and Peyton Manning Children's Hospital is changing lives in positive and meaningful ways. We would love to hear about your experience, why you are grateful, and how the compassionate and holistic care provided by our caregivers made an impact on your life. By sharing your story, you can also be an inspiration for others to share their experience of the quality and compassionate care that takes place at Ascension St. Vincent and Peyton Manning Children's Hospital every day. 

The Ascension St. Vincent Foundation is dedicated to enhancing patient care by supporting priority projects, programs and services of the hospital. Every dollar gifted to the Ascension St. Vincent Foundation makes a positive difference, and is so greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a donation to pay tribute and recognize any care team member or department who has impacted your life in an important way, please visit the form below. Contact a Foundation staff member listed below to learn more about our current priority needs.


For more information on priority funding areas and the impact you can have through your support, contact a member of the Ascension St. Vincent Foundation team: 

Ann Haupt
Vice President
Sara Homburg
Senior Director
Jenn Loepker, MHA
Director of Philanthropy

Jen Whitaker
Director, South Region

Nancy Anderson
Director, North Region

Mackenzie Bower
Foundation Specialist, North Region



Click here for additional information on the greatest needs by ministry location. 

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