Marco Ray Quits His Job After His Daughter is Admitted to the Hospital at 3 Months Old


Marco Ray used to be a teacher. A few years ago, he was called to something else.

“I believe in keeping families together when one of the members is hospitalized—I lived that need,” said Marco.

As a donor, you keep patient families together by supporting the St. Vincent House. It’s a big reason why Marco is so proud to work there. When his youngest daughter Audrey was three months old, his life changed. “She caught a respiratory virus, developed pneumonia, then the pneumonia went septic,” Marco said.

Tiny Audrey had to breathe through tubes under intensive care. 

“The medical care she received, and the care we received as her caretakers, set me on a new path.” Marco said. Now he works at the St. Vincent House. He says, “Behind every act of mercy here, are many people. Donors, volunteers, staff; compassion is a gift offered by the whole community.”

You, our donors, provide a warm, safe, and quiet place so that the caretakers in the family can regroup while caring for the patient.

Today Audrey is a healthy five- year-old.

“But I’ll never forget how close we were to losing her, and how many people helped us during that traumatic time. I left teaching to do this work of hospitality, of caring for others when they have loved ones who are sick,” said Marco.

Over the past two years, donors like you have given families a place to rest when a loved-one has to be hospitalized. The St. Vincent House is a safe harbor for families at the worst times of their lives. Families come from 60+ miles away and as far away as Puerto Rico. Through financial and volunteer support, donors continue to be there for families and it means the world!

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