Peyton Manning Children Hospital's
Patient Education Classroom Renovated
with Innovative Technology

On Friday, September 27, 2019, we celebrated the dedication of the newly renovated Patient Education Classroom.

The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital Patient Education program provides school age children with educational support and advocacy when their medical journeys interrupt their ability to participate in traditional schooling. By creating this “school away from school,” Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital’s licensed school teacher, Mrs. Heather Wiselogle, keeps kids on track with their education in spite of their illness or injury. In addition to the academics, Mrs. Wiselogle partners with Indianapolis Zoo, Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre, and other organizations to bring “field trips” to the Hospital and employs qualified volunteers to assist patients with their school work.

A hidden benefit of Patient Education is the community it builds among children facing similar but unique battles. “The classroom provides a place for unique kids to find others just like them. They can find a friend who truly understands what it’s like to miss school, miss your friends, and just not feel well,” Central Region of St. Vincent Ascension President Erica Wehrmeister said during the dedication ceremony.

The newly renovated classroom will help to build and deepen those relationships with new comfortable, flexible seating options and more outlets to plug in devices or IV poles. The new innovative technology of the classroom will enhance collaborative learning and communication by remotely connecting to a patient’s classroom through facetime or screen sharing.

This renovation was made possible by the proceeds of the Eric Medlen Golf Tournament hosted annually by Morgan and Katie Lucas. Thank you to the Lucas Family for their ongoing support of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital!

We are also grateful to Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, the Hoover Family Foundation, and the Pacers Foundation for their contributions in support of Patient Education at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.


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