Donations made in Bryce's memory
will help support patients and families at
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent.

A few months before his first birthday, Bryce Harlan Clausen was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a rare neurological disease that attacks the myelin, the protective covering around nerve cells.  There is no cure and it is terminal.

Bryce passed away on April 5, 2019 at the age of 14 months.


Before he passed away, Bryce’s parents created a “greatest hits list” of things a boy should do.  Bryce rode on a plane, went to sports games, he helped pass a law, and he started a legacy at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. 

Now, thanks to Bryce, Hoosier babies will be screened for Krabbe disease.  Also, thanks to him, children at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital have the opportunity to stay in a special farm-themed room that was built thanks to the generosity of family, friends, and strangers who were inspired by Bryce and raised money to help cross one more item off his greatest hits list - “making a difference in someone else’s life.”  

During his time at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Bryce had the opportunity to stay in a superhero-themed room and his family was struck by the difference it made to be in that surrounding compared to a plain hospital room. Themed rooms are an important and tangible way to help patients feel loved and cared for.  They provide a distraction and comfort during uncertain and often scary times. The Bryce Clausen farm room was completed in 2020.  

Bryce’s legacy lives on as he continues to inspire people to make a difference.  You are invited to join his efforts by contributing today to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Bryce’s memory.



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