You are there for the poor and vulnerable through

your support of Ascension St.Vincent


You make a huge difference in the lives of those who are poor and vulnerable through your gifts to support the Mission of

Ascension St.Vincent. 


This includes charitable support for the Joshua Max Simon Primary Care Center (PCC) at Ascension St.Vincent, which is the main source of health care for thousands of individuals from underserved populations.  Without the PCC, patients young and old, would not have access to quality health care.


Donors like you are critical to the PCC. You make sure the center is up to date with technology and treatment to best serve patients.  For example, donations have recently been utilized to:

● Acquire new bilirubin equipment that is used to detect jaundice in newborns

● Replace aging technology to better provide hearing tests for 5-18 year olds 

● Acquire an additional handheld doppler and stand for fetal heart sound monitoring of OB/GYN patients


Another program that helps keep the promise of service to the poor and vulnerable is Ascension St.Vincent Rural and Urban Access to Health (RUAH). This program uses donated funds to help high risk pregnant women by arranging doctors appointments, providing safe sleep education, helping women obtain insurance, and providing portable play yards. 


The Ascension St.Vincent Foundation is extremely grateful for you and the many philanthropic partners that help support the mission of Ascension St.Vincent by ensuring care and services for those around us who are less fortunate. 

Your donations make all the difference. To learn more about programs in need of your continued support visit


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