Alma Deutscher Hosts Special Performance for Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Patients

On September 13, 2019, patients at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital enjoyed a musical performance by Alma Deutscher, a 14-year-old musician from Vienna, Austria. Alma is visiting Indianapolis to perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, September 14, for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Night Gala.

As a violinist, pianist, and composer, Alma has amazed the world with her talents, composing her first piano sonata at age 5 and a full-length opera between the ages of 8 and 12. She has performed as soloist with orchestras around the world on many television shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and 60 Minutes.

During her visit to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, Alma played on the violin and the piano. One of her songs included a piece from her new album which she performed for the first time. The patients were so excited to be part of the world premier for that piece!

She also improvised a tune by having patients in the room pick a musical note from a bag. Patients also enjoyed asking Alma questions about her musical journey and learning more about her including her favorite color and favorite books to read.

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