Follow the construction of the William K. Nasser, MD Healthcare Education and Simulation Center with the Construction Camera.


The Spirit of Science

Healthcare education at St. Vincent has always taken place at the bedside of a patient, rather than at the back of a classroom. The William K. Nasser, MD Healthcare Education and Simulation Center at St. Vincent will build on our strengths in teaching through experience by reproducing patient-caregiver scenarios in a simulated environment. 

This high-tech healthcare learning environment to allow for a variety of medical settings and simulations, as well as the acquisition of simulation-based technology and other medical equipment. Adding to the existing Ruth Lilly Conference center, the new education and simulation center will become a new jewel on the St. Vincent campus both locally and state-wide as well as within Ascension.

We've created a wide variety of naming opportunities to recognize your generosity in supporting this important initiative.

For Patients, Caregivers and the Community

The center will offer focused and enhanced opportunities for learning, with flexible spaces that can be continually modified to simulate a number of medical settings: an operating room, intensive care unit, labor/delivery room and more.

High-tech, responsive manikins and task-specific tools will aid in practicing difficult or complicated procedures, and make it possible for all caregivers and Interprofessional teams toreact and respond to unusual or high-stakes situations in a controlled environment, with no risk to our patients. 

This commitment to continuous learning will strengthen our connection with other St. Vincent facilities, academic affiliates such as Marian University, and community partners such as police, firefighters, EMS personnel and long-term care providers. Available at the hospital 24/7, this new and renewed focus on education will assist St. Vincent in recruiting and retaining the best and most qualified nurses, residents and other healthcare professionals.

An Investment in the Future of Care

2011 research by the Association of American Medical Colleges found that Simulation Based Medical Education (SBME) - with "deliberate practice" for skill improvement- was superior to traditional clinical medical education for teaching specific clinical skills. When combined with our traditional practice of bedside education, this means better, safer care from St. Vincent and its community partners. By supporting the William K. Nasser, MD Healthcare Education and Simulation Center at St. Vincent you ensure a level of care and peace of mind that will help patients heal better, faster and more completely.

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Donate to the Healthcare Education and Simulation Center

Partner with us to buils and furnish the Center by making a financial contribution that will impact healthcare education for many decades to come.


"Medicine was his absolute calling," recalls Wanda Nasser, widow of Dr. William K. Nasser. "The Healthcare Education and Simulation Center is going to elevate the level of medicine and make the community a better place. I can't think of a better cause."

Wanda Nasser






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