St.Vincent Foundation Board of Directors

Chairman: Tina Burks, RN
Vice Chairman: Michael Ball, MD
Treasurer: Kathy Rokita
Secretary: Lauren Salerno

Marcia Barnes
Carl Dalstrom
Rollin Dick
Richard Fortune
Richard Freeman, MD
Chris Gahl
Suzanne Gaidoo
Larry Griggers
Brian Hall
Dan Hoyt
Kristi Lee David Lewis
Katie Lucas 
Hossain Marandi, MD, MBA
Carolene Mays-Medley
Tom McGowan
Holly McKiernan
Allison Melangton
John Murphy
Anthony Najem
Wanda Nasser
Andrew Satz, MD - Immediate Past Chair
Jim Stuart
Stephen Swinney, MD
A. Joel Feldman, MD - Ex officio
Nancy Frick - Ex officio
Terry Metzger - Ex officio


No one is ever turned away, not ever. Serving the poor is an integral part of our mission.

Help those in need while paying tribute to family, friends or caregivers.

Nearly $100 million is provided by St.Vincent each year to help treat and heal patients in need.

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