Jayden "Jady" is a 10 year-old little girl who was diagnosed with ovarian dysgerminoma (Germ cell cancer) in July of '16. She had extreme stomach pain which resulted in an ER trip, a transfer to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital and then surgery to remove the cyst they discovered on her ovary. Two weeks later we received the devastating call that the pathology results showed a presence of cancer cells and that our baby would need to undergo several more surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Her extreme bravery was inspiring and in October she was determined to be cancer-free!

During our hospital stays, Jady most enjoyed the rooms that were themed and decorated in such a fun and playful way. It changed her attitude about treatment and made for fun conversation when we had visitors. Unfortunately, not all of the rooms are decorated and a themed room wasn't always available for us. Jayden asked if we could find a way to donate a mermaid-themed room and we are now working with Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Foundation to make that wish a reality. 

Our timeframe is 3-5 years, but we are determinded to reach our fundraising goal in 2 short years! We are so pleased with the care we have received through the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent and are honored to be able to give back to brighten the stay of any future children who will receive care there.

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