Unique, year round greeting cards created and inspired by children and

patients of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital 

Supporting Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at Ascension St.Vincent



Ascension St.Vincent Foundation has partnered with local children and patients and through art have expressed the power of making a difference in their world by using their own unique gifts one greeting card at a time.



Purchase a pack of All Occasion Greeting Cards for yourself or as a gift and spread words of encouragement. The variety pack includes 10 cards to be used for many occasions: thinking of you/ get well, encouragement, birthday, thank you and congratulations. 


To view all 10 greeting cards in the variety pack click here. 


 “I love to be able to use my talent and help raise a lot of money for the kids at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to get better faster and then they can share their talents with all of us.” 

Abby M., age 10, featured artist of Indiana card 


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